• KIM Jong-woo
  • 100 min
Jun-ho’s father had left home long ago, and his mother is never home from being busy
with work.
12-year-old Jun-ho takes good, frugal care of Sung-ho, his 7-year-old half brother of a different father.
Then one day, his mother gets in a terrible car accident and Jun-ho ends up living at his half brother’s father’s
house. Sung-ho’s half sister, Ji-young, also takes to Jun-ho well and her father likes him too. Life in the new
home is comfortable, but Jun-ho knows very well that when Ji-young’s mother comes out of her coma he
could be kicked out. In fact, Ji-young’s mother and Jun-ho’s mother had been in the car accident together
and they are both comatose. His happiness does not last long as his mother dies and Jun-ho is left all alone
in the world. To make matters worse, Jun-ho spots Ji-young’s mother’s toes moving…
Family, Drama
Running Time
100 min
KIM Jong-woo
LEE Hyo-jae
30 May 2018