Love for love′s sake

  • KIM Gyun-ah
  • 01 Jan 2024
  • 40 min / 8 Episode
Tae Myung-ha, aged 29, is dropped into <Love for Love’s Sake> all of a sudden, a game made based on the novel written by the senior at his school.
His set value in the game is ’19,’ the darkest time of Tae Myung-ha’s life. And a mission is given to Tae Myung-ha.
[Welcome to the zone of Love for Love’s Sake, Mr. Tae Myung-ha.]
[*Mission* Make Cha Yeo-woon happy.]
Cha Yeo-woon is his favorite character in the novel. He had a favorable impression of him because they had a lot in common in living life in the novel and now he gets the mission to make Cha Yeo-woon ‘happy’…
But it was the worst of the worst time when Tae Myung-ha was 19 years old.
I wasn’t happy at all back then, how can I make Cha Yeo-woon happy?
This game is unfolding completely differently from the novel.
How will it end?
A cute, fresh and lovely bromance with a little bit of bickering on summer days, a high-teen fantasy drama <Love for Love’s Sake>
Running Time
40 min / 8 Episode
KIM Gyun-ah
LEE Tae-vin <The Penthouse>, CHA Ju-wan <School 2021>
Expected Release Date
01 Jan 2024