Judgment Night

  • OH In-chun
  • 83 min
Former sports announcer 'Jihee,' who was unexpectedly let go from the broadcasting station, starts her own YouTube channel to make a comeback. One day, she receives a mysterious phone call from a wanted murderer, who asks her to cover his story. Seeing it as the opportunity of a lifetime for a special scoop, Jihee and her team follow the clues the criminal leaves behind and end up at the promised meeting place. However, they are suddenly ambushed and Jihee loses consciousness.

When they come to, the criminal reveals himself to be Jihee's elementary school classmate and begins an interview with her, playing a cat-and-mouse game of truth and deception. He pushes her into a corner, leaving her unsure of what's true and what's false.

Will Jihee's goal of shocking the world with her exclusive video report succeed?
Thriller, Mystery
Running Time
83 min
OH In-chun
KIM Bo-ryong, NOH Yi-seo, CHO Eun
12 Jun 2019