JajangMyeon Thank You

  • SHIN Seong-hoon, PARK Young-hye
  • 55 min
A girl with congenital lower body paralysis and mobility impairment, Mi-suk, is disabled but an entirely ordinary woman.
One day, her computer breaks down, and she contacts a welfare center to request repairs.
After some time, a repairman named Nam Min-kyu arrives.
She invites the hardworking Min-kyu to share a meal, and they sit down to enjoy black bean noodles (jajangmyeon) together.
They get to know each other better and eventually make plans for a date.
Finally, they have their first date, all dressed up, in the streets of Daehak-ro.
Originally planning to go for grilled pork belly, they change their minds and enter a restaurant.
However, they are rudely turned away at the entrance by the owner.
After a heated argument with the owner, they eventually leave and find themselves in a small sushi restaurant.
Despite their less-than-ideal mood, they engage in a pleasant conversation.
A few days later, they find themselves drinking beer at a pub.
Under the influence of alcohol, they start to feel sincere emotions for each other, and just on their second date, they become a couple.

After that... they...
Running Time
55 min
SHIN Seong-hoon, PARK Young-hye
KIM Tae-sung, LEE Hye-in