Oh My Kiss

  • JUN Ba-da
  • 94 min
Sun-hee is a fresh-faced college girl who always dreams of a romantic kiss with her first love.
Sun-hee, who had participated in all kinds of community service activities for her father, had one volunteer project that she went to just for herself.
That's the nursery school where your first love is the essence.
She is gentle and always warm, and she rushes to see him.
There is one sweet proposal for such a good girl, and that is the first kiss with Jin-su!
Will Sun-hee be able to defeat the rivals around her and succeed in her sweet kiss with Jin-so?

"I love you Sun-hee..."
A chance first kiss with Sun-hee, I achieved it for that moment, but it was just a small contact accident.
It's hard to be completely confident in Sun-hee, who only considers herself as a younger brother and a junior.
Jun-seok, an innocent young man who just has to do the same volunteer work and look at it from the side...
Can his first love with Sun-hee come true?
Running Time
94 min
JUN Ba-da
KIM Yeo-won, LEE Jung-sik
16 Nov 2022