Wuju Bakery

  • HAN Dong-ha
  • 2023 12
  • 30 min / 8 Episode
Wuju has just turned 20 years old when he lost his father in a sudden accident, and
had to stand on his own two feet.
After tears of hard work, he returned to his hometown to re-open the small bakery, his father left for him.
However, the neighborhood has already become a host town, which assures bakery’s downfall.
Wuju leaves others’ concerns behind and goes on to open the bakery.
The day before the opening finally come…
Someone destroys Wuju’s bakery with a loud boom!
A mysterious man riding a shabby, almost unrecognizable spaceship.
Raon ran away from home with his friend, Hachi, to escape an arranged marriage.
He fled to the Earth on an illegally tuned spaceship - and was forced to make a crash landing.
Wuju, who think rain is an illegal immigrant, demands money to repair the completely destroyed bakery.
Raon hands his money he got after selling a building from his planet.
When Wuju gets it exchanged to Earthling money, It’s worth not more than $150!
Raon sings a “Slice Contract” promising to work for Wuju, until he can pay off all the repair costs.
BL, SF, Romance
Running Time
30 min / 8 Episode
HAN Dong-ha
Jeff Satur <Ingredients> , Barcode <Kinn Porsche the Series La'forte>
Expected Release Date
2023 12