1980: The Unforgettable Day

  • KANG Seung-yong
  • 2024 Mar
  • 100 min
There is HWAPYONG Restaurant with full of hopes of the family of three generations.
Grandfather, the first-generation owner, and the first son, the second-generation owner, who lives as a
fugitive after being branded as a communist and his wife and Cheol-soo’s mom who has to work hard by
juggling work and family without complaint.
The second son, Cheol-soo’s uncle, who sometimes acts like a child with an excuse of being the second son
but loves Cheol-soo more than anyone and seriously cares about the restaurant.
To the third generation, young Cheol-soo, family is the most precious.
By the time when ‘Seoul Spring’ longing for democratization came to nothing due to ‘Retreat from Seoul
Station’ in 1980, there were a series of peaceful protests in Gwangju, Jeolla Province.
In warm May, a large dark cloud is looming over HWAPYONG Restaurant, the home and everything of this
ordinary family of Cheol-soo, in the middle of Gwangju.
Running Time
100 min
KANG Seung-yong
KANG Shin-il <Police University> <My♡Puppy>, KIM Gyu-ri<Revivre>, BAEK Sung-hyun <Blades of Blood>
Expected Release Date
2024 Mar