• YOON Yeo-chang
  • 2024 2Q
  • 100 min
In the winter of 2010, North Korea is going through a time of ‘march of hardship’
under the global economic sanctions due to the nuclear development and a series of
poor harvests.
Across the regions in North Korea, hundreds of thousands of people and stray children pull out all the stops
to escape from the country and earn foreign currency.
The inter-Korean relationship is frozen due to the bombardment of Yeonpyeongdo Island.
While South Korea and the U.S. try to locate the whereabouts of Lee Cheol-hee, the secretary of nuclear
development in North Korea, his daughter Lee Seon-hee is put in danger.
Taking refuge in the safe house of the Mongolian government, Lee Cheol-hee offers a political deal to seek
asylum in a country that will rescue his daughter, Lee Seon-hee, to the intelligence agencies of the U.S.,
China, Russia, Japan and South Korea.
The former black agent of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, Lee Tae-sik, breaks into the North
Korean abyss that is more brutal than hell to rescue Lee Seon-hee…
Running Time
100 min
YOON Yeo-chang
CHO Dong-hyuk <The Bad Guys : Reign of Chaos> <The Goblin>, LEE Jae-yong <Steel Rain 2>, PARK Si-yeon <A Love>
Expected Release Date
2024 2Q