• KIM See-woo <Turandot>
  • Jun 2024
  • 110 min
<SANBOK ROAD> is a growth story of five friends in a poor village of Ami-dong
in Busan using the true story of the boxing heroes who made every South Korean
excited in the chaotic period in the 1980s as a motif.

The hungry friends in a poor village of Ami-dong have nothing but their fists and like to battle in other
neighborhoods every day.
In order to eat until they feel full, they start boxing with a dream to become the
world champion.
But one friend pursuing his dream of being the world champion by enduring hard training
becomes a gang member of the dark world and another friend dreaming of being a prosecutor lives as an
ordinary citizen after barely passing the 9th grade civil service exam’
Joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure of the people living in mud huts between the tombs with the tombstones
of the cemetery as the foundation stones in Ami-dong, Seo-gu, Busan, the city where the refugees from the
Korean war gathered.
Drama, Action
Running Time
110 min
KIM See-woo <Turandot>
LEE Ho-won <A Birth>, AHN Nae-sang <The Light in your Eyes> <High Kick !>, KIM Won-hae <The Good Bad Mother>
Expected Release Date
Jun 2024